A secret place in the woods carpeted with moss and encircled by fragrant blueberry bushes was my retreat place as a little girl.  I would lay my cheek against the soft green, chew on a piece of grass and listen to the songs of the birds.  My imagination was a magical silence of peace and light. That imaginative place is the  well spring of both my art itself and of its creation. That sense of being is beyond description, pregnant and powerful and mirrored in paintings if they are done with strength and humility. 

Art is a magical distillation of the best of our humanity and life. It is a powerful cultural expression that is accessible to us through our senses. The five senses are tools to navigate the world. Our senses are also a doorway to our innermost being, a place of peace, warmth, light, intelligence and creativity. It is a place of natural harmony and vitality. We all possess these qualities and our life is in one way or another a manifestation of them. In that sense, we are all artists. If we all lived our life with that awareness, then the world would be a different place.

All artists address this, some more clearly than others. If we, as viewers, slow down and examine a painting, a poem, a sculpture, a work of art in that spirit, we will illuminate that within ourselves. It is the artist’s gift to the world.

I invite you to enter our secret garden.